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heart attack treatment in jaipur

heart treatment without bypass jaipur

SAAOL HEART CENTER JAIPUR started in 2008 and providing heart treatment without bypass in Jaipur. Saaol is doing EECP Treatment (USA FDA Approved,). EECP Treatment was approved by US FDA in 1994, CE Mark certified, in 1999 American Medicare approved it. In 2002 American Heart Association and in 2006 European society of Cardiology approved EECP for Cheat Pain (Angina) and Heart failure cases. Saaol Heart Center Jaipur doing EECP treatment as per principles and guidelines of international EECP society under complete medicl supervision. Treated more than 10 thousand patients all over India.

heart treatment without surgery jaipur

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) and Chelation (ACT / BCA ) Treatments are available for heart patients as a non invasive, non surgical treatments. Saaol is providing them to patients needed along with some simple but necessary life style changes viz. Yoga, Meditation, Education, Stress Management, Walking, Diet Management etc.

heart failure treatment jaipur

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). The new era treatment USA – FDA Approved. A boon for patients with low pumping power (LVEF > 30 %). Is available with Saaol Heart Center Jaipur. heart failure is a condition in which pumping power of the heart is below 30%, In general two main causes of heart failure. 1. Major Heart Attack. 2. Cardiomyopathy (Infection in the heart due to which heart muscles dies slowly)

EECP is the only treatment that can increase the Pumping power / LVEF of the heart. It’s a boon for “NO HOPE PATIENTS”

heart treatment in jaipur

Good news for heart patients in Jaipur – Now Non Surgical, USA FDA Approved treatment for heart EECP is available.

Patient, who have –

  • 1.Blockages in the heart arteries.
  • 2. Not fit for Bypass surgery / Angioplasty.
  • 3.Not want to go for Invasive treatment.
  • 4.Reblockage or no relief with Bypass / Aggioplasty.
  • 5.Want to inprove cardiovascular health and fitness.

Are Fit for EECP treatment. Saaol have 60 centers across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Treatment more than 10 thousand patients with EECP successfully.

treatment of heart block

Except invasive procedures Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty. Now non invasive, non operative, US-FDA approved EECP treatment is available. Saaol Heart Center Jaipur is doing EECP treatment since 2008 under the guidance and supervision of specialists and as per the principles and guidelines of International EECP Society.