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SAAOL is an acronym for the "Science and Art of Living". The method is a combination of Medical (Allopathic) Treatment along with the training of Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Education about Heart Disease and Dietary Management. The combination is so perfect that not only it can prevent coronary heart disease but it can also reverse the blockages in the arteries.

The last twenty-one years (1995 to 2016) have been very adventurous and successful for SAAOL as it is a completely new concept and more so because it works diagonally opposite to whatever the common practice has been in the last few decades. Initially it was very difficult to convince people that it will work and we had to explain for hours to the prospective participants. Doing it in government hospitals was easy, but in a private setup it was a totally different ball game. But as time passed by, things gradually became easier. By word of mouth the good news of Saaol spread.

In India Saaol has 50 plus branches and more than 1 Lac heart patients have been treated without surgery.

Dr. Bimal Chhajer



Dr. Bimal Chhajer MBBS, MD is a well-known personality in the world of medical science. He is a pioneer in Non Invasive Cardiology in India. Dr. Bimal Chhajer worked at the famous All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for six years (1989-1995) as a Senior Resident Doctor and as an Assistant Professor. He also got training in Yoga Therapy. His research at the AIIMS showed that not only heart patients could prevent Coronary Heart Disease but can also reverse or cure heart disease. Dr. Chhajer, during this period also got trained by Dr. Dean Ornish, who pioneered the lifestyle treatment in USA and proved Reversal of Heart Disease by his Lifestyle Heart Trial to the medical science. In 1995 based on his past research Dr. Bimal Chhajer resigned from the AIIMS and started practically training and treating heart patients by his new treatment called "SAAOL" Science and Art of Living. In 2006 Advanced Non-Invasive Medical Treatments EECP and BCA were introduced by SAAOL.

Mr. P.R.Mookim


He is the visionary of our team and an excellent administrator. He the founder member of Saaol Jaipur Center, having 30 years of leadership experience. In 2008 He along with Dr. Bimal Chhajer started Saaol Jaipur Center. Since then he is taking care of it and never looked back. In 2010, He started Saaol's Kota center then in 2013 Saaol's Indore and Bhopal centers came into operation under his leadership, now we are planning to start operations in Ganganagar, Bikaner, Bhilwara and Hanumangarh. In his words - "In last 10 years Saaol has set up a mile stone and many more achievements are on its way "

Dr. Chetan Sharma



Dr. Chetan Sharma has 5 Years of Medical experience, after doing M.B.B.S and M.D. He had keen interest in Non-Invasive Cardiology so he was involved in a research of treating patients with medicines and life-style modification. Meanwhile he became an active member of International EECP Society, USA. He worked as an EECP Consultant and Researcher for 3 years in Europe. He treated many patients having heart failure, severe coronary artery disease successfully with EECP. He came to know about SAAOL and Dr. Bimal Chhajer. He got impressed by the Way of Saaol treating heart patients. He worked under Dr. Bimal Chhajer at Saaol's Delhi office for 2 years and got all training of Saaol's treatments and life-style management. In 2015 He joined Saaol's Jaipur office as a center head doctor. Since then he has treated more than 250 heart patients With EECP, ACT and life-style management under the guidance of Dr. Bimal Chhajer.

Dr. Arun Sharma



Dr. Arun Sharma is EECP Consultant and having 30 years of experience in medical field. He completed his M.B.B.S. from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore in 1982. Then after he started practicing and treating patients, in 1984 he completed Diploma in clinical pathology from University of Indore. Due to his keen interest in heart disease and alternative heart treatments, He did a lot of research over EECP treatment. He is associated with SAAOL since 2013 and working under Dr. Bimal Chhajer (Heart Care and Life-Style Expert, Ex. AIIMS) and treated more than 400 heart patients with EECP along with life style management successfully.

Dr. Brijesh Panwar



Dr. Brijesh Panwar having 27 Years of experience in Medical field, He completed his M.B.B.S. from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Indore in 1984 then after He worked in Choitram Hospital and Research Center Indore in Cardiothoracic and open heart surgery department and assisted open heart surgeries, bypass, angioplasties, valve replacement and ASD/VSD/DA. He did an extensive medical research on Gas victims of Bhopal for 25 years under ICMR. He has keen interest in non-invasive cardiology so he was doing research over it. In 2010 he heard about Dr. Bimal Chhajer and SAAOL. He met Dr. Chhajer and impressed very much and got training from SAAOL about EECP and ACT treatment with life-style modifications in 2013 He joined SAAOL and treated more than 300 heart patients with EECP and ACT treatments in last four years under guidance of Dr. Bimal Chhajer.

Dr. Hansraj Kumawat



Dr. Hansraj Kumawat is a duty doctor and Completed his medical education from M.P. Khuttetta Homeopathic Medical college Jaipur in 2009, then diploma in Nutrition and Health Education in 2012 from Vardhman Mahaveer University Kota, then M.Sc in Psychology in 2015 from University of Rajasthan then PG Dioploma in Guidance and Counselling in 2016 from Vardhman Mahaveer University Kota, He is ruining his own clinic from last 9 years and joined SAAOL in 2017, got training of EECP and ACT Treatment under Dr. Bimal Chhajer and assisting patients treatments.

Mr. Abhijeet Gautam

Bsc. Biotech + PGDM


Abhijeet Gautam is a Management Professional having 6 Years of Experience. He is an important pillar of our team. He did his Bsc. In Biotech and then PGDM in Marketing and HR. And PG Diploma in Hospital Management. He is associated with Saaol since 2011 and handling the key tasks of center as Promotions and business development, business expansion, day to day operations, mediclaims, strategy & planning etc. Of our all branches.

Ms. Molika Verma

Msc. Nutrition & Psychology and Diploma in Guidance & Counselling


Ms. Molika Verma a Nutrition counsellor and Dietician having 12 years of experience, Did her Msc. In Nutrition and Psychology from Bhopal and Diploma in Guidance and counselling from Jabalpur. Has worked as Head Dietician in Sudha Heart Hospital Kota. Associated with Saaol since last 5 years and working as dietician and nutrition counsellor.

Dr. Kapil Arora



Dr. Kapil Arora is a duty doctor and completed his medical education from M.P.Khuttetta Homeopathic college, Jaipur. Having 14 Years of Medical experience. He got EECP and ACT Treatment training from Dr. Bimal Chhajer. He joined SAAOL in 2015 and from last 2 years he assists EECP and ACT treatments of nearly 100 patients.